Infrastructure and physical facilities in Government College for Women Bahadurgarh. Adequate infrastructure facilities are keys to the effective and efficient conduct of educational programmers. To keep pace with the growing demands of higher education, the college has significantly enhanced its infrastructure. Optimum utilization of the infrastructure is ensured. The college is having well-lit 12 classrooms, 9 smart classrooms which are well-equipped with CCTVs cameras and computer panels and projectors, and USB, Computer Labs are well equipped and digitalized with 18 computers in working condition and equipped with printers, speakers, and internet facilities. Commerce Lab is fully air-conditioned and equipped with 21 computers, headphones, and a digital board with a projector., Language Lab with 25 computers, a white projector board, and speakers. It helps the students in developing their communication skills, Geography Lab, Home Science Lab, Psychology Lab, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Botany Lab, and Zoology Lab, and The college has a well-furnished well equipped, a well maintained, and automated library with a seating capacity of more than 150 students, it contains 5684 books (textbooks and other books), 5 monthly magazines, and 5 daily newspapers. The institute is dedicated to offering health benefits to students through a well-equipped Gymnasium Hall and sports room to motivate students to physical fitness. The College has two conference room which is digital and air-conditioned and is utilized around the year for various extension lectures. The College has the facility of one EDUSAT room with modern amenities such as projector, interactive board, computer panel and CCTV. Multipurpose Hall is fully air-conditioned with a big stage and seating capacity of more than 1000 where the various academic programs, cultural and sports are organized. There is a provision for a girls common room in college with proper seating arrangements. A provision of expenditure in the budget is made annually for the maintenance and replenishment of physical facilities, ensuring their classrooms in continually. S. No ROOM QUANTITY (Total Rooms 52) 1 Class Room 09 2 Smart Classroom 05 3 Smart class LAB 06 (geography, Home Science ,Psychology, Commerce, language and Botany ) 4 LABS 03 (Computer, Physics, and Chemistry) 5 Office 03 6 Podium/ Conference room 02 7 Girls common room 01 8 Multipurpose Hall 01 9 SPIO 01 10 NSS 01 11 Staff Room 01 12 Gymnasium Hall/ sports room 01 13 Canteen 01 14 EDUSAT 01 15 Department room /store/office 16