1.    All the Students should be proud of their college and give more dignity by their hard work and good behavior.

2.    Keep the college clean and do not write on the walls , doors and boards.

3.    If a student wants to meet the Principal for some reason they can meet during the stipulated time period.

4.    It is necessary to get the permission of the Principal before organizing any event (function) in the college.

5.    Any students are required to obtain permission from the Principal before broadcasting any information and writing it on the notice board.

6.    Principal can punish students for removing any notice documents containing information from the notice board.

7.    Always keep your identity card with you in the college and be sure to read the daily.

8.    Submit the application regarding any work after getting it verified by the mentor.

9.    Students should not misbehave with any college employee.

10.           Do not make noise in the corridors during classes.

11.           Park your vehicles properly.

12.           Keep college clean and tidy.